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Owl Commander is a complete solution for managing files for Windows Computer. It's easy-to-use and powerful application designed for users of all levels, from new users, feel themselves non-comfortable with Windows Explorer, and to experienced users who need a powerful file manager, affording all means necessary. Dozens, if not hundreds, file managers for various operating systems repeat all the same old approach to the file manager-2 panel, command line and it is all. We obviously do not want to limit you-exactly well, as to your desktop you put all your documents and books, with Owl Commander you open the requisite number of panels and have them in your order. This is not the end-wages that you have four tables simultaneously, and you can freely switch between them depending on what you need at the moment! That is the paradigm of four desks (desktops), initiated by Owl Commander. Well...The book can be closed and put on the shelf, the folder can be hided ... Well, if you want your entire desktop with folders, books and papers in a week or a year? Yes, in normal life this is a serious problem. But your Owl Commander solves this problem easily, simply burns the current set of workspace.With Owl Commander you don't need a ZIP, FTP manager and tools for cleaning disk, all have inside, just click-and we will do everything for you. Please do not buy Owl Commander at once - time giving you 30 days of free use - just download, install on your computer and get a free 30-day pleasure! We are always ready to listen to your suggestions and requests - they arise because the ideal elusive as the horizon, but with you, we can strive for the ideal.

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